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These are the ads that feed the contact center

These are the ads that encourage engagement, clicking to the website, or walk-ins. More Traffic!

Messages Ad

Engagement Ad

Click your ad to see it bigger!

This is how many times your MSGR (Messenger) ads have been seen

Impressions: -

Reach: -

Message Conversations: -

This is how many unique visitors have seen the MSGR ad

Notes: Used Car Focus

This is any note specific to your ad.

Appointment Link

You know what this is! Click it for your appts. We believe in strong appts, higher show ratio, and a big jump in foot traffic

This is how many times the button "Send a Message" was clicked and sent to the CC. This does not include comments on the ads.

Impressions: -

Reach: -

Engagements: -

Impressions: -

Reach: -

Link Clicks: -

Traffic Ad

These are the ads that have a click thru to your website

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Updated on: 05/8/22

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